On YouTube, I'll be making some let's plays of quality, free pixel art games and demos I've found. There's a couple reasons I chose free games instead of games I already own.

One reason is that I want to give a spotlight to indie developers who have made some amazing games and demos, but may not be well known.

The other reason is that, I wanted to be sure that my audience could immediately access the games I play, whether that be on PC or mobile devices.

Most of them will be pixel games or pixel art games. But I've been striving to create a list of diverse games within that criteria. Either games that distinctly stand out among their competitors, or show a different game mechanic.

What are some of the genres?

  • Alternate Arcade

  • Atmospheric

  • Builder / Building

  • Card

  • Casual

  • Deck Builder

  • Clicker

  • Fighting

  • Mouse NES

  • Platformer

  • Puzzle

  • Roguelite

  • RPG / JRP

  • Scroller

  • Simulation

  • Singleplayer

  • Turn-Based

How many Bits?

  • 32-bit

  • 16-bit

  • 8-bit

Stay tuned for a complete list of games I've played with links!