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How does Tirtouga evolve Coromon?

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Toruga and Tirtouga are from different monster taming games.

Toruga is a Coromon, evolves at lvl 18 and has a third evolution.

Tirtouga is a Pokemon, evolves at lvl 37 or with 50 Tirtouga candies in Pokemon GO.

Continue reading to learn more about Toruga, Tirtouga and the differences in how the games handle evolutions. Links to the free coromon demo are at the bottom.


A pixel art baby red turtle or tortoise bobbing its head and wagging its tail. Its name is toruga and its the fire starter for the game coromon.
Toruga Gif the fire turtle starter for coromon.

Toruga is the fire starter in coromon that appears to be more like a tortoise rather than a turtle.

How Does Toruga Evolve?

Toruga must reach level 18 in order to evolve.

Its a pixel art fire red tortoise gif representing the embaval coromon, a toruga evolution. Its shell resembles a rocky asteroid with two holes above the shoulder that flares fire.
Embaval, one of the toruga evolutions.

It will evolve into Embaval, a bigger tortoise with a rockier shell that has fire sometimes coming out of two holes.

It has not yet been revealed when or how Embaval will evolve.

But, we do know that Embaval will evolve into Volcadon.

A pixel art dinosaur monster representing the last toruga evolution, volcadon. It has a volcanic looking rock on its back, yellow jagged rocks for a mane-like collar, a distinctive underbite and fire jetting out of its front shoulders.
Volcadon, the last toruga evolution.

Volcadon is a hot headed tortoise monster that is much larger than its previous evolutions with a few distinctive characteristics.

Unlike its previous evolutions, Volcadon has a collar of jagged yellow rocks around its neck, an underbite, upturned nose and fire flaring out of the holes in either of its shoulders.


A blue sea turtle pokemon inspired by the leatherback turtle. It is blue with a black shell and beak.
Tirtouga, the leatherback sea turtle pokemon.

Tirtouga is a rock/water type, fossil pokemon that looks like a leatherback sea turtle.

How Does Tirtouga Evolve?

Tirtouga must reach level 37 in order to evolve.

Or, be given 50 Tirtouga candies in Pokemon GO.

It will evolve into Carracosta, a bipedal sea turtle.

Although Carracosta keeps the same color scheme as Tirtouga, there are many details included into its design to make it appear starkly different from its previous form.

The first thing one will notice is that Carracosta is standing on two legs while Tirtouga crawls on its belly and is all flippers.

Tirtouga has a black domino mask-like structure on its face, while Carracosta has a full face mask with large saber teeth.

The underbelly shell found on Tirtouga has separated leaving Carracosta’s midsection exposed and the underbelly shell that remains reminds me of a bullet proof vest.

Tirtouga’s shell on its back contained six debossed circles while Carracosta’s shell looks like an embossed rib cage.

Tirtouga’s front appendages are smooth flippers with single black dots on the “elbows”, but Carracosta’s flippers are large appendages with three large, embossed ovals towards the end of the appendages.

The Difference Between Coromon Evolution and Pokemon Evolution

Although coromon and pokemon evolution are very similar, there are a few key differences.

Coromon Evolution

The coromon evolution refers to the metamorphosis coromon go through in order to reach a more adult form.

When a coromon evolves it permanently changes its appearance and increases its stats.

Although, its level will remain the same.

Some coromon have two evolutions while others have three.

Most coromon evolve once they reach a specified level.

However, coromon like Swurmy and Patterbit can’t evolve by leveling up, but rather must undergo unique processes specific to the coromon.

Pokemon Evolution

At this time, evolving coromon appears to be similar in a lot of ways to evolving pokemon.

However, there are three key things that can happen in a pokemon evolution that aren’t yet known to occur in a coromon evolution.

Type Change

Certain pokemon will change their type when they evolve such as Eevee going from a normal type to a water when it evolves into a Vaporeon.

Moveset Change

Pokemon in different evolutionary stages will have access to movesets that other stages of the evolution don’t.

For instance, Eevee doesn’t naturally learn ice, water or poison type moves by leveling up, but the evolved form Vaporeon does.

And/Or, the different evolutionary stages will be able to access the same movesets at different levels.

For example, Tirtouga can learn Shell Smash at level 45 while Carracosta won’t be able to learn it until level 51.

Ability Change

Abilities create passive effects for individual pokemon during battle.

In Pokemon, the only way for an ability to be changed is to evolve them.

Coromon has a similar game mechanic called traits.

Except coromon can’t change their traits by evolving.


Toruga and Tirtouga evolve by reaching a specified level, 18 and 37 respectfully.

And although coromon evolution is similar to pokemon evolution, pokemon have the ability to change their type, moveset and ability during evolution unlike in coromon.

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Links to the Free Coromon Demo

Interested in getting the free coromon demo created by the dev team TRAGsoft? Check out the following links:

coromon pc https://store.steampowered.com/app/1218210/Coromon/

coromon ios https://testflight.apple.com/join/zrlerYpQ

coromon android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tragsoft.coromon

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